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Azlar's Appearance 2

This is the continuation of the story posted here:

Thanks in advance for reading this... here we go!

Azlar’s face turned grim, in front of him a really huge bear with giant claws, covered with crystal gears heavier then his. He stepped back a step and paused for a bit.

Azlar: “So, is this an acceptance to my challenge?”

The bear noticed Azlar’s respect and replied shortly “Yes”

Azlar: “Your name?”

The bear put a strange look on his face... then he said “Alexandro”

The crowd turned clattery again

Azlar took a step forward with his left foot, both of his hands were holding the axe tight, his eyes sharp, paying attention closely to Alexandro.

Alexandro stood still, with his paws on his side leaving his front open, compared to azlar he seemed rather relaxed.

Azlar made the first move, slashes forward three times with quick successions, no one expected such speed coming from someone carrying an axe that heavy. Alexandro managed to dodge one, blocked the other one, but the third slash hit his helmet all the way to his face.

Azlar lifted his axe up again, he seemed ready to do another strike, and then he strikes... only to find his giant target was missing. Out of nowhere Alexandro’s huge claw slashed Azlar’s left stomach. Azlar felt immense pain... but no time to rest, Alexandro’s paws is already on top of him, now Azlar have to use his axe defensively.

Alexandro attacked time and time again, Azlar could only dodge and block for quite a while. Until he saw Alexandro’s left stomach was exposed.

Alexandro roared while Azlar launched his counter attack, Alexandro’s enormous body grew even bigger as Azlar was slashing Alexandro’s left stomach. It was a direct hit, the crowd yelped, mothers covering their child’s eyes, fathers cringed with their face to the side and their eyes half closed, expecting blood splashes. Then a scream of pain like everybody was expecting, but, not Alexandro’s, it was Azlar’s as Alexandro managed to claw Azlar’s face repeatedly, moving in increasing agility as if he was experiencing no injury at all.

Blood dripping out of his wounds Azlar roared and jumped to the back, panting heavily Azlar stepped back away to the edge of the fountain.

The crowd cheered loudly.

Inside his head Azlar spoke; “So he could heal his own wounds and increase his damage absorption”

Now Azlar stepped off the fountain to the dry ground, he paid attention to his surrounding as if he was searching for something. 
Alexandro saw that Azlar’s guard was down he believed he could end the fight quickly, with a deep breath he ran towards Azlar and jumped out of the fountain with his claws swinging. This time Azlar quickly spins around and hit Alexandro’s face really hard.

Alexandro dropped to the ground made a loud boom noise. But Azlar is not satisfied, he swings his axe down with a deadly force, made another direct hit to Alexandro’s neck.

To everyone’s surprise, Alexandro’s head wasn’t cut, but there was a massive wound, and blood flowing out of it. Azlar seemed satisfied, he didn’t launch another attack. Shortly, Alexandro stood up and shook his head, to Alexandro’s surprise, this time the wound doesn’t heal well.

Alexandro ran backwards a few steps, touched his neck while making a concerned face...

 Not long after he realized something...

Alexandro: “So, you have a special skill”

Azlar: “You sound pretty calm for someone who’s almost die”

Alexandro: “This is nothing”

With that said Alexandro attacked Azlar with amazing speed, as if he was enraged, clawing left and right, front and back, Azlar blocked some of the attacks with his axe, and some he dodged, but he have to sustain multiple wounds again this time.

Once again Azlar jumped back, then he spinned his axe again and again, blocking and attacking at the same time. Alexandro roared in pain as Azlar kept on targetting his head, his wounded neck made it hard for him to move his head around. Alexandro stepped back, but he isn’t giving up, furiously he continued his attack again and now with all of his might he charged into the swinging axe, and targeted Azlar’s exposed back and sides successfully dealt critical damages.

Azlar screamed in pain, these critical strikes managed to limit his movement because with more swings, more pain must he endure. Alexandro is not doing so great either, his body shrunk again to the original size and blood dripping from inside his armor to the floor.  

Azlar: “So, you could only do this for a limited time...”

Alexandro: *Smiles “Yes, and you could do nothing no more...”

Azlar: “What?”

Alexandro: “There’s no point continuing, you are heavily injured”

Azlar: “What? Hahaha... Is this an excuse to stop fighting? Are you giving up now?”

Alexandro: “No, I’m just wondering, why are you doing this?”

Azlar was taken a back by this question, his eyes became empty as he looked away far to the back of the crowds.

But after a short silence, he’s back to reality, his face looked annoyed,

Azlar: “Are you still up for a fight? I see you are buying time to be able to grow your body again...”

Alexandro: *Speechless

Azlar: “Indeed”

Then Azlar hold up his axe high again and charged forward, it seems that he really don’t want Alexandro to be able to use his roar skill again...

Meanwhile, the guardians have managed to meet with Aruru.

Aruru was just about to eat in her little house when 3 of them barged in...

Guardian 1: Aruru, there is a commotion in town, a lion...

Guardian 2: A lion

Guardian 3: A lion...

Aruru: A lion?

Guardian 1: with Axe

Guardian 2: with Axe!

Guardian 3: with Axe...

Aruru: With Axe?

Guardian 1: Very

Guardian 2: Yes very

Guardian 3: Very Very

Aruru: Stop! Finish your panting first,

Then they all dropped to the ground panting heavily... (To be continued)

Senin, 03 Februari 2014

Making Turn Based RPG real time.

I have an idea about an RPG battle system.
The attacks/action uses stamina level
Each character has their own stamina,
Each attacks has their own stamina cost.
Then the player could pause the game then fill in actions for each characters, up to 10 actions at once
When character's stamina was charged to the point that's enough, they execute the actions.
So we ended up with a real time battle.
Then if two characters clash they could cancel each other's actions. Ofcourse some actions too can't be canceled
Then you'll need defenders to cover for long rangers.
There maybe a reflex move when attacks clashes with another attacks or when attacked by two or more enemies.

Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

Gaming and motivation in real life

One of the things that motivates people is the significance of their works.
What might sap one's motivation is when their works became insignificant.

One effective way to motivate people is by making their past work useful and significant.
And in order to deal with insignificance of one's work, one is to do something significant.

That's my opinion

SO the problem with playing game too much is your works might not always become significant in real life. Some gaming could help your intuitions, but different people have different life.

Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

Melki's ultimate realization

My thoughts are nothing or dangerous, rubbish without God's word... it should not be separated from God's words. Hereby I say, all of my thoughts are not to be understood independent from God's word.
God's words are the truth, and superior over all. Jesus is my Lord, the Lord of all.

Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Football / Soccer rule

I propose a new rule for football/soccer.
Whenever an illegal tackle took place the referee activates 30sec countdown. If the coach decided to "exercise" then the punishment would be executed (free kick, penalty) but if the coach didn't "exercise" then the game continues on until the opposing team's goalkeeper took over the ball.

This to prevent boring game when players just tackle each other to slow the flow of the teams.
For example if a goalkeeper illegally tackles a forward striker but the striker went back up and score a goal... the goal would count. The red card could be exercised later.

Kamis, 15 November 2012

My Theories, point of view of inclinations

The world is full of spirits, spirits are inclinations.
The inclination to make humans enjoy their life, the inclinations to make people smart.
Inclinations are spirits, they are individuals, they have political hierarchies.
We are the inclinations to maintain ourselves / our memory forever.
Love is the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever

Now are violent video games good for you?
The inclination to make people sick or to hurt humanity is still very strong in reality.
Even though we are hurting them by becoming less and less sick, and less and less violent...
but somehow they still have to be prioritized once or frequently in reality.
Therefore vaccines are still relevant, because after you satisfy their requirements to be prioritized in reality, you can get your next turn to be prioritized in reality.

Now based on the point of view of inclinations are violent video games good for you?
If you have peace by default, or your environment has managed to create administrations to kick away violence from being prioritized in their lifestyle forever... then by all means violent video games are bad for you since it's serving the inclination to be violent, or endorsing violent solutions.
However if somehow your community still have to be exposed to violence in one or some rare points in their existence, then it's better to neutralize the damage by playing violent video games.

It's like paying tax to people who have the power to intimidate...

So, violent video games would serve the inclination to make people less violent, if they were to be used in warring areas.

Bring video games to Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and to other conflict areas!

Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Academic MMORPG v.06

Most mmorpg have daily quests. This is my idea about an mmorpg that encourages the players to excel in academic subjects:
Players in academic mmorpg were given academic daily quest.
In this realm, each players gets a virtual city. But in order for the cities to be active, they have to be rebuilt daily.
Standard, the least advanced type of city could be achieved just by logging in.
2nd level of city could be achieved by playing the game.
but 3rd level of city needs to be worked by the players.

Elves could build 2 wooden bridges daily, but in order to build more bridges the race need more engineers to perform physical calculations required. Players then would be given tests, related to physics ofcourse, the more questions they could answer, the better bridge they could have for the day or for the next day. Having more and higher quality bridges will increase mobility and lower the costs of transportation for the day.
The human race could build standard healing center to heal your minions. But in order to have more healing centers you need to be able to bring them chemical substances. Firstly you need to buy each elements from the periodic table at the chemist. If the chemist in your area didn't got all of them, you need to find them by trading, or by mining. Until the periodic table requirement was completed, you can't build any extra healing center. After all elements were in the inventory, the players need to assemble them into a periodic table before they could submit them for the rewards.
The quality of your healing center depends on the quality of the inventories of chemical substances. If you'd like an advanced level healing center you need to be able to answer chemistry questions of the day. The more question you could answer correctly the more types of deseases you could treat faster. Having more advanced healing centers lowers the costs needed to treat your minions for the day.

In order to lower the costs of research for the day ---> answer history questions correctly
In order to obtain mobility bonus ---> exercise (the game could identify how much exercises you've done by using heart rate monitors)
In order to increase the chance of successful breeding ---> answer biology questions
In order to increase your bargaining power ----> answer multilingual questions, Chinese, German, English, Bahasa, etc.

The more advanced the problems the better the rewards would be. Some items could only be forged after giving correct answers in chemistry.