Minggu, 20 November 2011

TBOM Playground

The rule, no one pays anything to anybody in TBOM's premises. Winnings only in the form of things or goods not in forms of cash and/or cash equivalents.
In TBOM playground, you can play chess, monopoly, arm wrestling, static bike race, etc.
For every number of kinds of games, participants would pay 5000 rupiahs for the day. He/She could play the game all day with anybody, but please take turns when there's not enough space for everybody.
At the end of the day, people who won the most would be given rewards as much as some percentages from the admission money of the day, however not in the form of cash or cash equivalents, they have to buy things with the winnings.
Playing a kind of game against same person counts only twice for the day. You could play against the same guy all day but only two games made to the record. So if you play monopoly with five and there were two or three people who had played recorded monopoly game twice for the day the game shouldn't be counted.

TBOM membership:

Remember the rule, no one pays anything to anybody in TBOM's premises. Winnings only in the form of things or goods not in forms of cash and/or cash equivalents.

Now lets say I won a couple of numbers in TBOM for the day, Chess, Monopoly, and Checkers.
For the day the number of participants in:
Chess -> 10 people = 50.000 rupiah
Monopoly -> 16 people = 80.000 rupiah
Checkers -> 8 people = 40.000 rupiah

Lets say the policy was 25% of the income of the day goes to the first winner, 10% goes to second winner, and 5% goes to the third winner. Lets say I won first on them all... that means I won 12.500 + 20.000 + 10.000 = 42.500 - 17000 (40% tax) = 25.500 rupiahs.

Since I have membership I could keep that winnings in my TBOM account. When I want to withdraw the winnings, TBOM management will ask me what do I want to buy, and then reduce the transportation costs from my account and then bought me the stuff. So you could save until you have enough to buy everybody a drink.

Sabtu, 17 September 2011

My Console style "Chess" game idea v.04

Basic introduction to my game idea:

So a player could control both white and black, every five turns the previously 8x8 chess board would expand into 9x9, another 5 turns 10x10, and so on until it reaches 15x15 then it would be made to stop expanding.
When white could take black's piece, the "must take" mode for white is activated... white could not make any other move but to take a piece... any piece, and vice versa for black.

Please bear with me...

Every 5 turns for each side, they would be given some new pieces of blacks/whites (numbers based on a percentage number from total number of current possesion of  white/black pieces).

The goal of the game is not to defeat each other but to switch places and have as many piece as possible as early as possible.

Further introductions:

The game could also played together with a friend,
- Once in a while, will appear grey colored pieces... these are wild pieces that's there to attack both sides. Mostly appear at the middle side of the board. When black or white was in a position to take grey's pieces "must take" mode is not activated. But when the "must take" mode was activated, white or black could take grey's piece as alternative to black or white's pieces... but doing so won't deactivate the "must take" mode, next turn the other side could move its vulnerable piece away to deactivate the "must take" mode.

- Optionally you could have various features to the game:
Class level up portals. Class change portals. Side change portals. Special abilities if managed to get 5 grey's pieces, the abilities could be: convert pieces... teleport pieces... instant change class... instant class up.
We could have special abilities to remove tiles. To add tiles.
We could have 2 special tiles where if black's knight was on one and white's bishop was on the other, a couple of extra 4x4 tiles appeared on both sides of the board temporarily. Came with the temporary tiles, some new black or white pieces.
The special tiles would randomly emerge or dissapear in respect to space and time.

- When all of both black and white has reached the end of the opposite side of the board, they will both change colors into (player's option). From mid double sets of grey's pieces would be emerged, but grey would only had one king... and after capturing the grey king the game could be completed

Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011

Game Idea

A game that facilitate a lot of commercials... and also the amount of game's money represented probability of winning the game's lottery. In which the prize is certain percentage of the advertising income.

Senin, 20 Juni 2011

The Privacy Policy of This blog v.05

Bahasa Indonesia:

Kalau anda menggunakan custom search google, dan/atau mengclick salah satu iklan dari hasil pencarian anda, ada kemungkinan pihak ketiga (yang diizinkan oleh google) akan menanamkan kuki (cookie) dan membaca cookie yang ada di browser anda. Secara hukum anda berhak untuk mengatur bagaimana informasi anda dipergunakan, kalau tidak mau diberi cookie atau dibaca cookienya, anda dapat menonaktifkan fitur cookie dari settingan dari browser anda. Untuk informasi lebih tentang cookie, lihat di http://www.google.com/intl/id/privacy/ads/

Tips IE: Tools > Internet options > Privacy > advanced > pilih prompt


I have enabled the google adsearch on my blog, it will provide you search results from my webpages. Upon using the system, you would be exposed to the chance that some third parties might plant cookies in your browser and/or they'd be looking into your browser for existing cookies. As owner of the information you have the right to control their distribution and use. Please refer to http://www.google.com/intl/id/privacy/ads/ for further information.

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