Sabtu, 17 September 2011

My Console style "Chess" game idea v.04

Basic introduction to my game idea:

So a player could control both white and black, every five turns the previously 8x8 chess board would expand into 9x9, another 5 turns 10x10, and so on until it reaches 15x15 then it would be made to stop expanding.
When white could take black's piece, the "must take" mode for white is activated... white could not make any other move but to take a piece... any piece, and vice versa for black.

Please bear with me...

Every 5 turns for each side, they would be given some new pieces of blacks/whites (numbers based on a percentage number from total number of current possesion of  white/black pieces).

The goal of the game is not to defeat each other but to switch places and have as many piece as possible as early as possible.

Further introductions:

The game could also played together with a friend,
- Once in a while, will appear grey colored pieces... these are wild pieces that's there to attack both sides. Mostly appear at the middle side of the board. When black or white was in a position to take grey's pieces "must take" mode is not activated. But when the "must take" mode was activated, white or black could take grey's piece as alternative to black or white's pieces... but doing so won't deactivate the "must take" mode, next turn the other side could move its vulnerable piece away to deactivate the "must take" mode.

- Optionally you could have various features to the game:
Class level up portals. Class change portals. Side change portals. Special abilities if managed to get 5 grey's pieces, the abilities could be: convert pieces... teleport pieces... instant change class... instant class up.
We could have special abilities to remove tiles. To add tiles.
We could have 2 special tiles where if black's knight was on one and white's bishop was on the other, a couple of extra 4x4 tiles appeared on both sides of the board temporarily. Came with the temporary tiles, some new black or white pieces.
The special tiles would randomly emerge or dissapear in respect to space and time.

- When all of both black and white has reached the end of the opposite side of the board, they will both change colors into (player's option). From mid double sets of grey's pieces would be emerged, but grey would only had one king... and after capturing the grey king the game could be completed

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