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Azlar's Appearance 2

This is the continuation of the story posted here:

Thanks in advance for reading this... here we go!

Azlar’s face turned grim, in front of him a really huge bear with giant claws, covered with crystal gears heavier then his. He stepped back a step and paused for a bit.

Azlar: “So, is this an acceptance to my challenge?”

The bear noticed Azlar’s respect and replied shortly “Yes”

Azlar: “Your name?”

The bear put a strange look on his face... then he said “Alexandro”

The crowd turned clattery again

Azlar took a step forward with his left foot, both of his hands were holding the axe tight, his eyes sharp, paying attention closely to Alexandro.

Alexandro stood still, with his paws on his side leaving his front open, compared to azlar he seemed rather relaxed.

Azlar made the first move, slashes forward three times with quick successions, no one expected such speed coming from someone carrying an axe that heavy. Alexandro managed to dodge one, blocked the other one, but the third slash hit his helmet all the way to his face.

Azlar lifted his axe up again, he seemed ready to do another strike, and then he strikes... only to find his giant target was missing. Out of nowhere Alexandro’s huge claw slashed Azlar’s left stomach. Azlar felt immense pain... but no time to rest, Alexandro’s paws is already on top of him, now Azlar have to use his axe defensively.

Alexandro attacked time and time again, Azlar could only dodge and block for quite a while. Until he saw Alexandro’s left stomach was exposed.

Alexandro roared while Azlar launched his counter attack, Alexandro’s enormous body grew even bigger as Azlar was slashing Alexandro’s left stomach. It was a direct hit, the crowd yelped, mothers covering their child’s eyes, fathers cringed with their face to the side and their eyes half closed, expecting blood splashes. Then a scream of pain like everybody was expecting, but, not Alexandro’s, it was Azlar’s as Alexandro managed to claw Azlar’s face repeatedly, moving in increasing agility as if he was experiencing no injury at all.

Blood dripping out of his wounds Azlar roared and jumped to the back, panting heavily Azlar stepped back away to the edge of the fountain.

The crowd cheered loudly.

Inside his head Azlar spoke; “So he could heal his own wounds and increase his damage absorption”

Now Azlar stepped off the fountain to the dry ground, he paid attention to his surrounding as if he was searching for something. 
Alexandro saw that Azlar’s guard was down he believed he could end the fight quickly, with a deep breath he ran towards Azlar and jumped out of the fountain with his claws swinging. This time Azlar quickly spins around and hit Alexandro’s face really hard.

Alexandro dropped to the ground made a loud boom noise. But Azlar is not satisfied, he swings his axe down with a deadly force, made another direct hit to Alexandro’s neck.

To everyone’s surprise, Alexandro’s head wasn’t cut, but there was a massive wound, and blood flowing out of it. Azlar seemed satisfied, he didn’t launch another attack. Shortly, Alexandro stood up and shook his head, to Alexandro’s surprise, this time the wound doesn’t heal well.

Alexandro ran backwards a few steps, touched his neck while making a concerned face...

 Not long after he realized something...

Alexandro: “So, you have a special skill”

Azlar: “You sound pretty calm for someone who’s almost die”

Alexandro: “This is nothing”

With that said Alexandro attacked Azlar with amazing speed, as if he was enraged, clawing left and right, front and back, Azlar blocked some of the attacks with his axe, and some he dodged, but he have to sustain multiple wounds again this time.

Once again Azlar jumped back, then he spinned his axe again and again, blocking and attacking at the same time. Alexandro roared in pain as Azlar kept on targetting his head, his wounded neck made it hard for him to move his head around. Alexandro stepped back, but he isn’t giving up, furiously he continued his attack again and now with all of his might he charged into the swinging axe, and targeted Azlar’s exposed back and sides successfully dealt critical damages.

Azlar screamed in pain, these critical strikes managed to limit his movement because with more swings, more pain must he endure. Alexandro is not doing so great either, his body shrunk again to the original size and blood dripping from inside his armor to the floor.  

Azlar: “So, you could only do this for a limited time...”

Alexandro: *Smiles “Yes, and you could do nothing no more...”

Azlar: “What?”

Alexandro: “There’s no point continuing, you are heavily injured”

Azlar: “What? Hahaha... Is this an excuse to stop fighting? Are you giving up now?”

Alexandro: “No, I’m just wondering, why are you doing this?”

Azlar was taken a back by this question, his eyes became empty as he looked away far to the back of the crowds.

But after a short silence, he’s back to reality, his face looked annoyed,

Azlar: “Are you still up for a fight? I see you are buying time to be able to grow your body again...”

Alexandro: *Speechless

Azlar: “Indeed”

Then Azlar hold up his axe high again and charged forward, it seems that he really don’t want Alexandro to be able to use his roar skill again...

Meanwhile, the guardians have managed to meet with Aruru.

Aruru was just about to eat in her little house when 3 of them barged in...

Guardian 1: Aruru, there is a commotion in town, a lion...

Guardian 2: A lion

Guardian 3: A lion...

Aruru: A lion?

Guardian 1: with Axe

Guardian 2: with Axe!

Guardian 3: with Axe...

Aruru: With Axe?

Guardian 1: Very

Guardian 2: Yes very

Guardian 3: Very Very

Aruru: Stop! Finish your panting first,

Then they all dropped to the ground panting heavily... (To be continued)

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