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Academic MMORPG v.06

Most mmorpg have daily quests. This is my idea about an mmorpg that encourages the players to excel in academic subjects:
Players in academic mmorpg were given academic daily quest.
In this realm, each players gets a virtual city. But in order for the cities to be active, they have to be rebuilt daily.
Standard, the least advanced type of city could be achieved just by logging in.
2nd level of city could be achieved by playing the game.
but 3rd level of city needs to be worked by the players.

Elves could build 2 wooden bridges daily, but in order to build more bridges the race need more engineers to perform physical calculations required. Players then would be given tests, related to physics ofcourse, the more questions they could answer, the better bridge they could have for the day or for the next day. Having more and higher quality bridges will increase mobility and lower the costs of transportation for the day.
The human race could build standard healing center to heal your minions. But in order to have more healing centers you need to be able to bring them chemical substances. Firstly you need to buy each elements from the periodic table at the chemist. If the chemist in your area didn't got all of them, you need to find them by trading, or by mining. Until the periodic table requirement was completed, you can't build any extra healing center. After all elements were in the inventory, the players need to assemble them into a periodic table before they could submit them for the rewards.
The quality of your healing center depends on the quality of the inventories of chemical substances. If you'd like an advanced level healing center you need to be able to answer chemistry questions of the day. The more question you could answer correctly the more types of deseases you could treat faster. Having more advanced healing centers lowers the costs needed to treat your minions for the day.

In order to lower the costs of research for the day ---> answer history questions correctly
In order to obtain mobility bonus ---> exercise (the game could identify how much exercises you've done by using heart rate monitors)
In order to increase the chance of successful breeding ---> answer biology questions
In order to increase your bargaining power ----> answer multilingual questions, Chinese, German, English, Bahasa, etc.

The more advanced the problems the better the rewards would be. Some items could only be forged after giving correct answers in chemistry.

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