Kamis, 15 November 2012

My Theories, point of view of inclinations

The world is full of spirits, spirits are inclinations.
The inclination to make humans enjoy their life, the inclinations to make people smart.
Inclinations are spirits, they are individuals, they have political hierarchies.
We are the inclinations to maintain ourselves / our memory forever.
Love is the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever

Now are violent video games good for you?
The inclination to make people sick or to hurt humanity is still very strong in reality.
Even though we are hurting them by becoming less and less sick, and less and less violent...
but somehow they still have to be prioritized once or frequently in reality.
Therefore vaccines are still relevant, because after you satisfy their requirements to be prioritized in reality, you can get your next turn to be prioritized in reality.

Now based on the point of view of inclinations are violent video games good for you?
If you have peace by default, or your environment has managed to create administrations to kick away violence from being prioritized in their lifestyle forever... then by all means violent video games are bad for you since it's serving the inclination to be violent, or endorsing violent solutions.
However if somehow your community still have to be exposed to violence in one or some rare points in their existence, then it's better to neutralize the damage by playing violent video games.

It's like paying tax to people who have the power to intimidate...

So, violent video games would serve the inclination to make people less violent, if they were to be used in warring areas.

Bring video games to Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and to other conflict areas!

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